Oversized Sand-Free Beach Blanket


Large (10' x 9’) Sand Proof + Waterproof Beach Throw Blanket Made of 100% Ultralight SilNylon with 6 Pockets + 4 Windproof Stakes

  • Jumbo Blanket: This packable blanket unfolds to a roomy 10 x 9 feet for food and friends at festivals & beach parties, or keep the whole family free from grass stains on picnics & hikes
  • 100% Waterproof SilNylon™: Unlike classic parachute nylon, this cutting-edge fabric is silicone impregnated to remain 100% waterproof even on wet sand, wet grass or muddy terrain
  • 6 + 4 Windproof Design: To combat wind, place sand, rocks or dirt into the 6 pockets and tie the 4 sewn-in loops to the 4 Shepard's hooks stakes and enjoy a blanket that stays put, even in demanding climates or with active pets & kids
  • Easy Clean Toughness: The interwoven Nylon Hybrid shrugs off tears and pulls to keep you and your food safe; plus, it cleans easily – simply shake off sand, dirt, or mud and pack away without messing up your car
  • Ultralight & Ultra-Compact: With the attached pouch (that never gets lost) and SilNylon’s™ unique properties, this jumbo blanket packs small enough for any backpack, purse or beach bag, to keep you ready for your next adventure

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Happy Customers enjoy this waterproof packable blanket in outdoor situations where normal blankets just don’t make sense. The Nature’s Hangout compact blanket expands to a massive 10 x 9 feet for large gatherings at festivals, hikes, picnics, or for big beach parties and family outings.

For wind protection, most customers simply fill the 6 pockets with sand, stones, dirt, or even spare gear. For additional security, you can use the 4 supplied shepherd’s hook stakes to tie-off and enjoy a blanket that stays in place all day…even with active pets and playful children around.

We use exclusive SilNylon™ fabric made with Silicone impregnated nylon fibers. You may notice how this tough, durable fabric shrugs off rips & tears as well as sand, mud and dirt. Plus, the 100% Waterproof fabric keeps your family and friends comfortable, clean and dry – even in places with damp ground or windy conditions.

If you use your Packable Blanket with a backpack, be sure to keep it easily accessible. Some customers find it useful to spread out and use to neatly organize gear while packing and unpacking (making it less likely to leave critical gear behind).

When you are finished with your ultralight packable blanket, simply shake dirt and sand free, and then fold the blanket in halves until it slips into the attached pocket. You can drop it into your backpack, beach bag or purse and always be ready your next adventure.

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Weight 2.5 lbs


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