When it comes to hammocks, traveling and being extraordinary – some adventure seekers just keep on pushing the envelope to make things a little more dangerous. Whether it’s their thrill for adrenaline or simply just their passion for being “out-there” some just think way outside the box with these creative hammock ideas!

When it comes to hammock lovers, like you and I, some just want to hang anywhere and everywhere and nothing will stop them from doing so. Take a look at some of the most incredibly creative hammock ideas in these photos captured by some adventurous individuals:

1. The Hammock Boat


creative hammock ideas

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a hammock boat? A unique and nifty device found on College Humour, we couldn’t help but think- “this is a great idea!” 

2. The Hammock Bed


creative hammock ideas

Pinterest is home to many amazing ideas – but this one certainly takes the cake. If sitting in a hammock isn’t already fun and relaxing enough, you might as well count on never leaving this place.

3. The Hammock Train


creative hammock ideas

There may not be any words for this masterpiece captured by Sebastian Wahlhuetter. The individual who is brave enough to hang out with their friends like this…is an individual we can be friends with!

4. The Island Hammock


creative hammock ideas

Aaah – a hammock in it’s natural habitat where we assume Selena Sage was hanging out right after she snapped this photo. All you need is a good book and an ice cold beverage to complete the hammock package. 

5. The Lone Hammock


creative hammock ideas

Another masterpiece shot, this time by WeTravelandBlog…and apparently do some extreme hammocking as well! If this isn’t team work, we aren’t sure what is!

Which one of these hammock photos is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and feel free to send over one of your favorite amazing hammock photos!

photo credit: Sebastian Wahlhuetter